Dominik Grzelak blog

Short and simple: I´m a software developer and I like open source, coding and data mining.

I'm very curious, always trying out new things, read everthing what gets in my hands belonging to the field of computer science.
Over the years I kept me busy in the field of machine learning, 3d modelling, "developing" small games with Irrlicht and Blitz3D under windows or currently for android. I am also interested in IT security and hacking.

I strive for the unusal and uncommon things. I like differences.

This blog provides me a platform to share my thoughts and solutions of common pitfalls I encounter in my every day work or challenges I stumble upon development.
Nowadays sharing information and having fast access to it, is a very important aspect in reaching more ambitious goals and doing collaborative work.
So it´s time to give something back to the internet community - sometimes new, improvised or bits from other people's work and mashed into something different.

I am always interested working with other people who share the same passion in machine learning or game development. Feel free to contact me !